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Katey Ann: Music

I'll Still Be Here

(Katey Ann)
July 7, 2009
By Katey Ann, for her husband, Scott, for his recent deployment to Iraq.

Music has been there for me when I needed words and emotions to take form: this is what I needed to express my love, my hope, and my promise to my husband,Scott, as he prepared to leave for his deployment to Iraq with the US Air Force. Scott was scheduled to leave at the New Year. Before the holidays, I spent the weeks he was away for training composing the piece. The holidays presented the perfect time to give Scott his gift. In his family, it is a tradition on Christmas Eve for one person to be chosen to give a gift. With the help of my in-laws, I was chosen and there, before all his gathered relatives, presented and performed his song. In many ways, this song was the foundation and inspiration for this CD. Scott wanted me to do this for myself; but I wanted to do it for him, for all the confidence he puts into me and my dreams.


I know it is just a season, a moment in time, yet that does not make this present parting to fly by. I am standing willing now to be your stronghold here; as you leave, please take my heart, and hold this promise near: I'll still be here when we say goodbye, I'll be left here as you now must leave my side. Finding the courage to pull myself from your embrace, wondering if and when my eyes will 'gin behold your face. I'll still be here. When your day is long and hard, you feel you can't go on, lift your heart, remember you will never be alone: I am praying, "Will you, God, please be right with him there?" Don't give up, please hold on knowing I'm holding on here. I'll still be here, though we're far apart. I'm even there, since you hold a part of my heart. Though we're separated, this is still our one journey, ev'ry step we take will bring you sooner back to me. I'll still be here: waiting, and hoping, still always holding on. I remember when you promised you would never let me go. Nothing could tear us apart so may this one thing you always know: I promised you, will you trust, I'll be waiting right here? For the day when you appear. I will be here, this my melody 'til you're back here safe at home again with me. How I've dreamed and longed for that day when our eyes first meet, and I'll know that all is well, my heart again complete. I'll always be here.