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Katey Ann: Bio

Mud Pies, Toy Piano, Sidewalk Chalk, “Arky, Arky”...

Like any curious child, Katey Ann loved the joy and creativity of music and art. Little did she know, this curiosity would paint the theme of her life…

Katey Ann was born in Texas in September of 1982, the starting point of several moves throughout the USA with her family until she was 17 years old.

She was born the second oldest of what was to be a large family of 8 children. Growing up in a house where there was rarely a quiet moment alone, her music and art would become not only her place of calm but also her sense of identity.

Age 9 was the springboard of her talents. For her 9th birthday, Katey Ann received her long desired keyboard and began piano lessons. She also completed her first written and illustrated book “Donna the Duck”. The highlight was a watercolor “Donna” that was hung in the Connecticut Capital Building; to this day, her Mom still proudly displays this painting in the family home.

Over the growing teenage years, Katey Ann branched out in her music: from choirs and theory, to violin and handbells. But the piano always remained her first love; her passion really took off when she discovered improvising and composing.

Her art also expanded from drawing Disney characters (at one point she wanted to be an animator) as she took classes in sketching and chalk. By age 16 she had completed all the phases of Gospel Chalk Art training through Eternity Arts, and was presenting “chalk talks” for various churches, organizations, and schools over the next several years.

Katey Ann graduated high school in 2000, beginning school that fall with Telos Institute in studies to pursue her dream of a medical career. Though still playing, teaching and creating, she had no desire to pursue music or art as a career. After a year of studies, her hopes and goals of going on in the medical field fell through due to various reasons. Despite the bitter disappointment of this dream falling through, Katey Ann fell back on her talents and found doors opening wide. Within two years, she was involved in directing various choirs and had established a full time business of piano teaching.

Since then, Katey Ann has established a name in Southern NH, built around a career of teaching music, piano and the arts to the next generation. Though sometimes so busy teaching that she has little time to enjoy her talents personally, she still enjoys performing occasionally and selling her artwork in the area.

Katey Ann currently lives in Goffstown, NH with her husband Scott, little son Jayson, and two lovable labradoodles Rico and Coda. 

I'll Still Be Here CD Recording

Katey Ann’s real passion for music and the piano began when she discovered improvising and composing. By age 16, she composed her first piece “To Bring to Remembrance”. From that point on, she could rarely play a piece without adding her own touches!

As she performed in public, she found an overwhelming response to people’s enjoyment of her work. She was pleased with the emotion and skill she was able to put into the piece’s performance. People began to ask when she would record her music. What began as a suggested notion began to take form in 2007 for a CD recording of her music. But a whirlwind of events brought the project to a sudden halt.

However, her husband, Scott, would not let her forget this dream. When he left to Iraq for his deployment with the US Air Force in January of 2009, he made Katey Ann promise him that she would fulfill this dream while he was gone. And this she did, resulting in her first recording, “I’ll Still Be Here”, the signature song she had written as her promise to Scott when he left. In the collection of songs on the CD is a variety of songs from her last 10 years of composing, including the rearrangement of her first “To Bring to Remembrance”.